The Women’s Visionary Congress is based in the San Francisco Bay area and our members our among the community of artists who make our culture so vibrant. We mourn the loss of those who died in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, California on December 2nd and those who are impacted by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the many Bay Area artists who are impacted by the chronic lack of affordable housing, studio and event space in the most expensive housing market in the U.S. We support efforts to increase the safety of these spaces and prevent artists from being evicted from their homes. If you wish to make a donation to the families of those who were lost and the Ghost Ship artists who are now homeless, the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has set up a crowdfunding page – click here to learn more. We encourage you to support the artists in your community this holiday season and help make sure they have safe, affordable places to live and work.