Help Us Reclaim Women's Wisdom and Balance the Conversation on Consciousness

Help Us Reclaim Women's Wisdom and Balance the Conversation on Consciousness

We are in the midst of a profound cultural transformation in which the medicines and spiritual practices which were familiar to our ancestors, but which have historically been suppressed, denigrated, and demonized, are gaining acceptance world wide. While the mainstream scientific community is recognizing the benefits of this inheritance, clinical data alone cannot shift cultural perceptions.

As we take our next steps, we invite you all to help us strengthen and integrate our community for decades to come. We have a modest fundraising goal of $7000 which will allow us to expand our programs and help fund our upcoming events in 2016.

Of funds raised:

•    40% will help secure event spaces and spread the word about our gatherings
•    20% will support our scholarship fund, ensuring that people of slender means can attend our gatherings
•    20% will fund speaker travel expenses
•    10% will go towards operational expenses

Since 2006 – for nearly a decade – the Women’s Visionary Congress (WVC) has been providing much needed balance in the expanding conversation about psychedelics and consciousness. WVC supports the cultivation and preservation of both contemporary and ancestral wise woman traditions across global cultures, and hosts community conversations about the safe and respectful exploration of non-ordinary states of awareness. In gatherings across the US and Canada, we create opportunities for connection and mentorship between generations of women with the expertise and desire to learn more about these realms.