Wendy Ludlow - Warrior of the Highest VibrationWarrior of the Highest Vibration: Language to Raise the Vibration of the Planet — Wendy Ludlow, LCSW

In this talk you will be introduced to the language skills of positive behavioral support – a skill more difficult than it may seem, to understand. Positive Behavioral Support is a set of behavioral and language responses in support of pro-social behavior.   Ms. Ludlow calls this the First Lesson on the path of The Warrior of the Highest Vibration.  While in theory a concept easy to get, Implementation of Positive Behavioral Support is more challenging.   “Even the most trained therapists struggle with what language to use when utilizing  positive behavioral support”.   In this talk, Ms. Ludlow will debunk the myths and inform the audience on simple language strategies – seeking to intentionally raise the vibration of communities through this grassroots approach.  Expect all of your relationships to improve as you join the path of The Warrior of The Highest Vibration!

Wendy LudlowSound Healing Catalyst “for Joy” Blessing

Set Intentions for the Collective Consciousness.  Connect higher energies with the intention to positively ripple the voice for collective motivation towards JOY.  Empower your vibration with the sound of human truth and kindness.  As a group, we are explorers of consciousness, consciousness hackers, and intelligent spiritual beings with the aim of raising the vibration of the planet.  The medium of sound plus intention is one of the most powerful mediums we can tap into and utilize for vibrational charge.  Join in this integral vibrational Sound Healing Blessing and experience collective intention in vivo.  Power the collective field as your inner channel conduits the higher energies fueled by members of The Women’s Visionary Congress, the Angels, Intention, and SOUND!  

Join in this transformative guided meditation blessing by Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, from The Bronx New York. Wendy will lead the blessing in Collaboration with music by producer Rick Canton, Musician and Luthier from New Mexico

Wendy Ludlow, LCSW  – Inspired by Historical Grassroots movements such as Gandhi’s Peace Soldier Movement, Ms. Ludlow, a trainer of clinical psychotherapists (approved by The National Association of Social Workers and The Association for Play Therapy) aims to empower groups by giving them  language strategies that support pro-social behavior and naturally raise the vibration of community.  Preferring to call herself a Muse, Ms. Ludlow has been a practicing Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Specialist in Play Therapy, and a Licensed Clinical Trainer for over 20 years.   She has trained thousands of therapists in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy, Child Centered Play Therapy, and the Expressive Therapies for over a decade. “The primary skills which I am passionate about teaching are the  language skills that  support  compassion and pro-social motivation.  I like to think of it as language that leads to soul resonance, which will naturally support the vibration of any community.”  Creator of “The Warrior of the Highest Vibration” Grass Roots Movement, Wendy Ludlow is taking her message to groups of higher consciousness.  “I see this knowledge as an ethical imperative”.  Teaching the skills of the:  “Warrior of the Highest Vibration” is her call to action.  In her OmPlay shop, she offers a 10 minute meditation (donation only) to gear up one’s mindset in support of raising the vibration of the planet and the language to go with it.  You can support this initiative by making a donation for the download. Click here to visit Wendy’s website and learn more about her trainings and offerings.