valerie-corral.jpgValerie Corral is the co-founder and the director of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, the longest running medical marijuana collective in the US, founded in 1993 in Santa Cruz, California. WAMM serves seriously ill and dying members of our community with organic cannabis grown in our collective garden and on a donation basis. We collect data, conduct research and creating cannabis medicines to serve individuals in a holistic approach. As every person is unique it is WAMM’s express goal to explore healing potentials by developing personal relationships and through the practice of individualized treatment protocols.

In response to a 2002 Federal raid on the WAMM garden a federal lawsuit was filed enjoining Valerie, WAMM, the City of Santa Cruz and the County of Santa Cruz against against the United States DEA, DOJ, the federal government and various named agents of the federal government. During those proceedings Federal Court Judge Jeremy Fogel named WAMM the “gold standard of the medical marijuana movement.”

WAMM grows and develops all of our organic, non-GMO products and medicines. For more than 2 decades WAMM members have met collectively to discuss and support each other at our weekly meetings and during our many member activities, including providing patient care in home and at the bedsides of dying members.

Valerie is acting director of WAMM’s sister non-profit hospice team, Raha Kudo, Design for Dying Project. Our hospice organization addresses the many concerns of our dying members and their families.

Valerie’s work has spanned both the nation and the globe in the political, legislative arena and most importantly through direct services and patient care. She has conducted anecdotal research through WAMM.