Sara Payan - We Are Where We Are: Cultivating Wisdom, Opportunity and Growth During Times of Hardship Through Self-AdvocacyWe Are Where We Are: Cultivating Wisdom, Opportunity and Growth During Times of Hardship Through Self-Advocacy –  Sara Payan

Sara will discuss her own journey through cancer to health, how it took her on a wild ride to find what fed her soul and reawakened/empowered the healer/activist within.

Sara Payan is an award-winning cannabis educator specializing in cancer related therapies, the head of education at the Apothecarium (San Francisco), writer, and patient advocate. She is a stage-three colon cancer survivor who was introduced to the medical marijuana program during her treatment. Cannabis is what got her through her initial illness, surgery and chemo. She was able to keep her weight up, reduce nausea without using expensive intense medication and control her neuropathy.  Like many of us who have gone through the life-changing experience of cancer, Sara re-evaluated what was important to her. The desire to bear witness and help others suffering through illness is what moved her to become an educator, advocate and activist for medical cannabis and is what drives her to lead the movement in normalizing cannabis use for health. Past experiences as a patient and her civil rights background made her passionate about educating people about cannabis thereby creating safe access and also inspired her to create a compassionate consulting training program for those in the medical cannabis industry and beyond.  She is also a vice-chair of the San Francisco State Cannabis Task Force.  Sara has spoken at such conferences as Patients Out of Time and HealthMJ lists her as one of “10 people who are leading the movement to inform patients about medical cannabis”.  Her work has been highlighted in Dope Magazine, Cannabis Now, and Ladybud.  Sara is a graduate of CIIS where she did concentrated study on third wave sustainable transformational feminist leadership theory and critical psychology. She is also a singer-songwriter of jazz, blues, and bossa nova. Click here to learn more about Sara on her website