Raz MaRaz Ma

Connecting with bodies & teaching others this skill is one of Raz Ma’s Life Purposes. Coming from an academic/cerebral touch-starved culture Raz studied psychology to heal and understand how to support & empower self/other. Delving deeply into the study of therapy while immersed in dance, platonic touch, massage, contact improvisation, and the body-celebratory culture of the bay area (& beyond) gives Raz a compass directed towards wholeness. Raz works with individuals, couples, and families as a bodyworker/coach specializing in embodiment. Raz has developed their own improvisational massage style called { Somasens Massage } . This woven wisdom is Raz’s gift to humanity to create connection & amplify love.

Raz delights in making your body a place that you want to be! Raz is dedicated to a movement of body awareness, expanding platonic touch through a safe foundation that emphasizes attuning to self/other, constant consent, and boundary exploration.

The { Somasens Massage } style is a royal treatment originally created for dancers & bodyworkers – now evolved to feel like an exquisitely slow horizontal dance with an astoundingly attentive human foam roller.

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