Nicki in EgyptNicki Scully

This year at WVC, Nicki will focus on her seminal work, published in the trilogy Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine; Power Animal Meditations; and Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. These are the texts behind her interactive presentation, which is intended to help participants recognize, turn on, and utilize their inherent healing powers. Through stories, explanations, and most importantly self-initiations and demonstrations on volunteers from the audience, participants will open the eyes in their hands and learn to use the Universal Life Force energy to which they connect (along with spirit allies and plant spirit medicines) to heal themselves and others. With perseverance, together we can make healing happen for each other and our planet!

Nicki Scully is a healer with a wide range of experience and knowledge. Her journey with psychedelics started in 1964, and has been the inspiration in one form or another for every creative aspect of her life. As part of the Grateful Dead family, she recognized, although she didn’t yet have the language for it, that their music was the icaros (sacred medicine songs) of the time, and that Jerry Garcia was the shaman, supported by his mostly fearless band, who held space for the sacramental experience of their concerts. Nicki’s journey to Egypt with the Grateful Dead in 1978 opened the way for her company, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., to eventually take seekers of truth and magic to Egypt. (She personally led over 60 tours to Egypt.) It also extracted from her a commitment to become a healer, which led to her commitment to become a teacher, which led to her commitment to become a writer, which led to seven books (with another on the way) and a number of other published works, a tour company that leads tours to sacred places around the world, especially Egypt, a consecrated Egyptian Temple in her home/center/sanctuary, two decades of an Egyptian Mystery School, and the Alchemical Healing Academy, which she is creating and through which she will continue to teach and practice her healing form, Alchemical Healing.

For more information on Nicki Scully and Alchemical Healing, see her website and her various other sites via banners on her home page. She is also present with two pages on Facebook and Instagram.