Marc FranklinMarc Franklin

Marc Franklin is an award winning, self taught photographer, media artist and psycho-activist. Marc discovered his artistic passion while studying Industrial Design at the prestigious Pratt Institute, and shortly after graduation was awarded the Grand Prize in the 1963 Studebaker-Ansco Photography Competition. Marc furthered his art and design education during his three-year US Army assignment in Tokyo, followed by a decade as a commercial photographer in New York City.

Since 1975 Marc has lived in Northern California, immersed in experimental photography, painting and sculpture. While grounded in traditional photography and darkroom techniques, he has continually incorporated advancements in digital image making. His art explores, questions and dissolves the continuum between two of photography’s timeless themes, nature and portraiture.

In 1984 he designed / co-published the seminal “High Frontiers”, a wildly experimental underground magazine that prefigured “Mondo 2000” and “Wired” alike. An ardent critic and foe of the “War on Drugs”, Marc has diligently photographed nearly all the key figures of the psychedelic subculture: chemists, clinicians, researchers, artists, poets, writers, musicians, and activists. His sublime portraiture captures the face of counter culture history in resonant detail.