Mara GordonMara Gordon is a cannabis alchemist and process engineer with Aunt Zelda’s, Inc. She brings her two passions together – integrated medicine and data – helping patients customize their cannabinoid and terpene dosage. After a painful disability necessitated leaving her career as head of Methodology at a Fortune 50, Mara suffered under medical treatment and 26 pharmaceuticals in California and Colorado before finding cannabis.

From Disability to Diversability: can cannabis compliment conventional condition based therapies?

The Americans With Disabilities Act protects certain & unique rights of persons with disabling conditions so that they may live fuller more productive lives. That is, of course, unless said persons choose to treat their disabling conditions with any federally controlled substance not prescribed by a physician. As cannabis is prescribed to almost no one in the United States, its medical utility, though miraculous, presents political problems, particularly in police states which hold consistent with federal law. Jacqueline Patterson will discuss how such laws create obstacles to optimal health and create stigmas that dissuade an already over stereotyped community from utilizing cannabis, using her own story as an example. She will talk about how safe access enhances her life and then she will turn the stage over to the founder of Aunt Zelda’s, Mara Gordon, who will discuss effective treatment options available in legal states.