IMG_6976Lisa Lupa – Quantum Colors

Quantum Colors produces wearable art and practical textiles. I utilize ice dying which produces gradated spectrums of vivid colors and unusual dimensional effects. The technique incorporates both intention and randomness, which produces one of a kind pieces featuring complex patterns that are like visual playgrounds for the mind’s eye. People see all sorts of things in my work! The color palettes used are inspired by nature’s more dramatic displays- those things that can cause us to pause and utter a soulful ahhhh! – things like sunsets, orchids, bird’s wings, and painted canyons.

I began doing traditional tie dye in the mid-80’s and, over the next decade, sold my work to shops, at Dead shows and festivals, and did event shirts for the Rock Medicine staff. After a nearly 2 decade hiatus from dying, I began experimenting for fun and discovered ice dying. New techniques took my work to a new level and I was finally able to produce the level of colors I had always strived for. Spurred my encouragement from my community, I launched Quantum Colors in 2014, producing unique wearable art. This past year I have expanded my offering with items like bed linen sets (to inspire you to dream in color) and napkin sets which enable you to go green in a colorful way.