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Humans have an inherent drive to play with our experience of the world. From an early age, we begin to intentionally alter our consciousness, by rolling down hills or spinning in circles. Later we might move on to trance dancing or meditation or medicine work, all as ways to pursue visionary experience. And yet people rarely learn to cultivate one of the most available, inexpensive, and safe sources of mind expansion we have: our dreaming life.

Over seven years, participants in the Oneironauticum — an international dream group that meets in physical & dream space — have explored the use of many  oneirogens — herbs, medicines, scents, auditory experiences, and practices that promote vivid dreaming. We’ll share some of the wisdom gained by this devoted exploration, and explore the wide range of mind states encompassed by the term “dream”, including hypnagogia, REM dreams, lucid dreams, parasomnias, and hypnopompia. Review of sleeping brain patterns and the functions of circadian rhythms will help users map their own experience and figure out which dream states they most easily and naturally access.

We will then concentrate on working with oneirogens to further our pursuit of the visionary experience of the dream.  Participants will choose from a variety of oneirogens that will be supplied as part of the session. We will then journey together overnight, each working with his or her chosen oneirogen. In the morning, we’ll have the opportunity to share our dreams.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Dumpert is a San Francisco-based writer and lecturer, and the founder and leader of the Oneironauticum, an international dream group that explores the visionary experience of dreams as a means of exploring and experimenting with consciousness. She has published in journals such as Dreamflesh and Dream Time as well as for Reality Sandwich. She also wrote “Meeting in Dream Worlds: Oneironauticum”, a chapter in Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness Liminal Zones, Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind. Jennifer led an Oneironauticum session at the Women’s Visionary Congress in 2008. She has also led workshops at festivals such as Symbiosis and Synergenesis, at institutions such as Esalen and the Ojai Foundation, and at conferences such as the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference and Bonus: Creative Week, in Mexico City. Jennifer serves as secretary on the board of directors for Erowid Center. She posts a daily dream to Twitter as @OneiroFer.