Jane Straight

Jane Straight dwells in the mystery of the botanical world, with heart and mind wide open to the many gifts plants offer. Through the years she has been blessed with outstanding opportunities to study with some of the world’s most respected herbalists.  Their teachings enhancing her worldview and setting her on a lifelong path of involvement in plant healing.

During the 1980’s her family traveled throughout Central & South America in search of rare plant medicine and ways in which to share it with the hungry world.  Some of their collections were gifted to prestigious repositories, while other rare species (often scheduled) were propagated and distributed as a conscious act of preservation which she considers a political statement and her personal activism.  In honor of the truth in nature, she will continue doing so. As a recognized pioneer she played a central role in the important cultural shift to plant based medicine and speaks passionately about the relevance of intentional connection to the botanical world around us.

Jane remains on the Endangered Species List as a “Flower Child” of the sixties, a role that instilled a deep reverence for Mother Earth and a fierce commitment to protecting her.   She wholeheartedly agrees with the late Rachel Carson that “those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

Her motto: “Living Harmoniously With Plants Is A Divine Dance”.

This year at the conference she will speak about ‘micro-dosing’ and the creation and utilization of vibrational remedies from psychoactive plants. Jane will also bring a living altar of plants from her garden and share information with us about their traditional use.