Flora McCloudFlora McCloud

Flora McCloud is a secular mindfulness teacher. Her personal practice is rooted in two decades of Hindu and Buddhist meditation across several lineages, including Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana and the more esoteric practices of classical Tantra. Although not religious herself, Flora continues to seek guidance from several leading contemporary spiritual teachers and remains a devoted student of both Jill Satterfield and Sally Kempton. She is similarly grateful to the plant teachers which have helped her develop a quality of inner listening, as well as a deep connection with the Earth Goddess as an expression of the Sacred Feminine. Flora is committed to assisting others in finding the space and stillness to heal themselves, outside of any dogma structures and without the need for a guru. Drawing from her vast repertoire of teachings, Flora interweaves somatic practices and visualizations so that students may explore the mystery of their inner landscapes. She is especially mindful of physical and emotional discomfort and welcomes beginner meditators, especially those working with chronic pain, addictive behaviors or depression, to join her on the cushion.