Eda Zavala LopezThe language of Nature and the sense of Indigenous Knowledge – Eda Zavala Lopez

The true essence and meaning of life is Nature. Nature manifested as a divine force that create and holds the essential breath of each one of the elements and wild beings (plants, animals, trees, rivers and mountains) that are also interconnected to the universe through the constellation, the moon and the stars.  Honoring ancient wisdom of Nature was so related to humans in ancient times but modernity took away and cut down that legacy and replaced it with greed.

Indigenous People still carry and care about that legacy, the relationship with Nature manifested in their gentle approach to plants, mountains and fire, learning from there the whole meaning of life protected by spirits. Spirits of the Plants that heal and teach to keep balance. Spirits of the Fire that reveal destiny of humanity and guides in one direction to take place, and Spirits of the Mountains that talk about the ancient times when humans built the temples in service to divine forces.

In many countries and many cultures, Nature and plant medicine were in communion and allowed humans to keep a deep relationship between them and other beings. This relationship was in constant movement and Elders held that space that was related to sacredness. Indigenous People still play this role in the current time, not only to pass their ancient knowledge to modern society. Their main role is to guarantee how “modern” humans can recuperate their relationship with Nature and natural ways to live and sustain themselves in complete harmony with natural and divine sources of living.

Becoming an elder takes a long time to ensure that connection in the long term. The real understanding of Nature and divine forces will come when humans really experience themselves beyond their logical understanding and beyond their intellectual approach. It really happens when humans will understand that Nature is not a piece of contract or object that only satisfies power. It really happens when humans embrace the source of life, the breathing of this divine force that represents Nature.

Eda Zavala Lopez is a spiritual leader in her tribal community in the Amazon Jungle. She is aware of that source and teaches others to keep alive that wisdom and supports her people very passionately. Today she walks among the indigenous, modern and global worlds. She brings technical assistance to indigenous communities and spiritual assistance to modern world. As a curandera, she works intensively to help perpetuate the ancient indigenous healing practices that she inherited through her lineage. Indigenous wisdom from the Highlands and Rainforest Amazon Rainforest is a part of her DNA. She is well educated and studied sociology and anthropology at Catholic University in Lima, Peru.  In December 2014 she received a National Award of Ministry of Environment recognizing her profound commitment and work with Indigenous Communities to preserve pristine territories in Region San Martín, Peru.  She is also a Local Coordinator of Impact A Village leading the project “Shawi People and Cross Cultural Bilingual Education providing opportunities for children from 9 Shawi villages” She also preserves 10 hectares of pristine forest for future generations.  Eda has been doing workshops in the US West and East Coast the last 10 years and participated at the United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues. She is very close to Native American Elders practicing their ancient ways of sacred medicine. Click here to visit Eda’s website and learn more about her important work.