ChloeProfPicChloe Groom

Salutations, my moniker is Chloe Bee, I jump from tree to tree singing sweet alchemy so let me be me and set your self freeeee. Hey family you can find me on the dance floor, in the desert, in my laboratory or on a rooftop being raw, wholesome, humble, and wildly expressive at all times. I burn hot! I’m at least 49% tree frog and hold this medicine animal as a representation for my love of encouraging people to be a prismatic rainbow, to be adaptable, aqueous, and also terrestrial, and for my love of what we call these days as shamanism. I look at people with eyes wide open, I see the whole picture and cling to the trees for truth. I have been a dancer for 16 years and have trained in piles of styles but I sway towards expressing via contemporary, urban tribal, modern, butoh, and theatre. I value a magiKal platform for psychedelic improvisation; I embody authentic human and animal movement. My fashion is bringin back the 90’s with a slice of soil and a dash of disco with a feminine flair and a fetish for leather boots. Running up mountains, lifting weights, aerial dance, hip hop dance, handstand-a-thons with myself, and climbing rocks are my preferred ways of burning off the organic, natural, intentional, homegrown-as-possible, and omnivorous diet I love. Local food is the best food and eating with the seasons while growing all my own vegetables and greens is how I rock it.

I am the generator of a heart-centered community hub for the alliance of ethnobotany, artistic expression, cultural diversity, festival culture, psychedelic art, Earth-first thinking, and HERBALISM via transformative workshop facilitation presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, ecstatic dance, and meaningful ritual. Rainbow Bliss Botanicals and Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs are two of my current projects that strive to integrate consciousness, ceremony, botanical medicine, and sacred dance through honoring the divine intelligence between people and plants. I’ve been holding down an organic apothecary sandwiched between a nightclub and a corporate bank for 4 years so that I can serve the City of Tempe with herbalism “IN-YOUR-FACE!” This project to have a botanical presence on the busiest foot-trafficked location in the state of Arizona is a service to the community; a place where ravers hug, where lovers meet, where dancers come to nourish, where designers come to sell, and where OUR CULTURE has a independently owned and operated place of MEDICINE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & ACCEPTANCE.