Carolee WaidelichCreating a Life of Service – Carolee Waidelich

Founder of the Nayeli Nature Retreat in New Mexico, Carolee Waidelich lived in her R.V. in the desert of eastern New Mexico for four years. Back in her family’s hometown in Northern California she lives in her R.V. in the woods with two cats who are also strays up there. She has been asked this year to speak about how her commitment to the medicine has created a life that is utterly simple, close to the earth, animals and plants, and without a lot of stuff and money.

Carolee has been working with plant medicines and their allies since 1989 when she became an apprentice and partner to a Native American medicine man.  She graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 1995 with an M.A. in East/West Psychology. For twenty five years  she has committed her life to the medicine and has used her shamanic training in private practice.  She is currently having fun taking part in Annie Oaks‘ experiment: providing “grandma’s cozy corner for resting” at community events.