Participate With Us

WVC is a community of people who share an interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness. This is a very broad and diverse field which includes cutting edge scholars, artists, activists, healers, and people like you who come to our website for more information about these topics. There are many ways to participate in our discussions. You can attend our annual Congress and Salons which are held in both the US and Canada.  If you would like to propose a Salon in your area, please click this link to get in touch.

WVC is mostly a volunteer run organization, which has depended for many years on small donations. You can help us continue our work by volunteering at one of our events, becoming a member, or making a financial contribution of any size.

If you have ideas to contribute, please get in touch via email or point us to a news item or event that resonates with our mission. You can accomplish all these actions with the links below. If you wish simply to send good wishes for the expansion of our work, we gratefully accept those as well. Our community is strengthened by free speech and assembly and we welcome all those who exercise these rights.

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