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In the spring of 2011 my youngest son died of a drug overdose after struggling with despair and disconnection internally for much of his teens. In the darkness of my grief, two distinct paths were illuminated for me: the first was a need to more actively fight against the War on Drugs tactics and mentality that are making criminals of, and killing, so many of our children; the second was to fight the growing menace of “treating” mental illness with an ever-growing array of harmful and addictive drugs while completely denying access to the truly therapeutic and integrated use of substances that have the  proven capacity to address the illness of spirit as well as the illness of mind. The Psychedelic Science conference that was held in 2013 in California provided me with both inspiration as well as a platform to speak about my work in Harm Reduction. Through this conference I was introduced to the Women’s Visionary Congress and learned of their yearly educational retreats at the IONS land in Sonoma. I went for the speakers but I received so much more than education. There is a powerful healing that takes place whenever women gather to share their knowledge and visions; when the power of the earth is not buried under concrete and the power of the universe is not obscured by artificial light, this healing is compounded exponentially. I accept that I will always walk with a broken heart, but resting and rejuvenating once a year amongst such powerful seekers and visionaries, is a balm that I can carry with me that invigorates both my being and my work.
Jan McGeorge

Senior Moderator & Moderator of the Recovery Forums, Bluelight

I have attended the last three sessions of the Women’s Visionary Congress and co-hosted an event in Santa Cruz with them. Working with WVC in the last 4 years has inspired me to place more women on panels at conferences and events that I help organize; I have come to see the importance of recognizing women’s voices in the debates on drug use and in the context of psychedelic experience. I have also appreciated the contact with a large community of very fun and interesting women related to the exploration of inner states and how these experiences can translate into activism for justice, arts, intellectual reflection and dreaming of other realities. Bia Labate - @labatebia

Brazilian Anthropologist

I particularly wanted to collectively honor you all for the mentoring work I witnessed. This gathering bears much fruit, and I felt so heartened to see women unfolding into their paths and their power with the support, encouragement and wisdom that the WVC so graciously extends. Genine Coleman

2015 Women's Visionary Congress Work Trade Scholar

The Women’s Visionary Congress provides a vital platform for encouraging women from across generations and around the world to speak out about their knowledge and experiences with psychedelic and visionary plants. My participation with WVC has helped us find more talented women speakers for MAPS educational programs. No other organization does so much to bring women into the growing mainstream conversation about psychedelic science, healing, and spirituality. Brad Burge

Director of Communications and Marketing, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)