Danielle Schumacher – WVC’s 2017 Visionary Woman of the Year

We are delighted to name Danielle Schumacher WVC’s Visionary Woman of the Year for 2017. Danielle has been a leader in the world of cannabis since 2001, when she co-founded chapters of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at the University of Illinois Champagne Urbana. While still in college, she was appointed Executive Director of Illinois NORML, and held the Youth Seat on the National NORML Board of Directors. She was named as a Freedom Fighter by High Times Magazine at 22.

Danielle headed the Cannabis Action Network for the Berkeley Patients Group starting in 2005. She worked with Richard Lee to establish America’s first cannabis college as Oaksterdam University’s first Chancellor. She served as office manager for internationally respected authority

on cannabis Chris Conrad and activist author Mikki Norris.

Danielle is currently office manager for Frank Lucido MD and nurse practitioner Maria Mangini PhD FNP. Dr. Frank was one of the first MD’s to recommend cannabis in California after the passage of the Compassionate Use Actin 1996, and has continued to do so for over 20 years.

Danielle’s newest project, THC Staffing Group, is a boutique recruiting firm whose mission is to encourage diversity in the cannabis industry, which has acted as a sponsor of several WVC gatherings. She has spoken at several past WVC gatherings on the political history and social justice in the cannabis movement and has supported us with planning many of our events – click here to view a video of her keynote speech at our 2017 Women & Cannabis Salon. She has been particularly helpful in advising us on how we can improve inclusivity at our own events, for which we are extremely grateful.