The Women’s Visionary Council (WVC) will present its first workshop in the Sierra Foothills this fall. On November 18th, WVC will host a COOKING AND CANNING CLASS from 12-6 pm at Cybele Farm in Grass Valley, CA where we will celebrate seasonal foods and our connection to the Earth and her bounty.


We will start the day by making sauerkraut and canning applesauce and pickled beets using fruits and vegetables from local organic farmers with visionary chef Emma Sanchez. We will then prepare and enjoy a group dinner featuring dishes made with fresh, seasonal foods: zuppa (Italian vegetable stew), salad, fresh bread, and apple crumble. Everyone will go home with cans of sauerkraut, applesauce and pickled beets, perfect for Thanksgiving tables and holiday gifts.

Pre-registration is required by November 15thRates are on a sliding scale – we ask that you donate as much as you are able to help WVC and our chef cover the costs associated with putting on this event. Registrants will receive the farm’s address via email. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Limited work-trade scholarship opportunities are available – CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Come learn to can as our wise grandmothers did and celebrate the Fall season with us!