The Women’s Visionary Council (WVC) is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 2008. Since 2007, WVC has organized the Women’s Visionary Congress – a gathering of researchers, healers, activists and artists who examine heightened states of awareness. Open to people of all genders, the Women’s Congress promotes the right to self-knowledge, cognitive liberty, and new modes of healing that link us to female wisdom keepers throughout history. WVC supports both qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as indigenous and experiential ways of knowing. We organize workshops and salons in the U.S. and Canada which explore ethical issues, risk reduction strategies and therapeutic end of life support for those who use psychoactive substances. WVC events privilege the voices of women, and we welcome all those interested in the expansion of consciousness through many means including the dream state and spiritual practices. We have a particular interest in sustainable food systems, women-friendly digital ecosystems, and community wellness strategies. WVC funds grants and scholarships to our gatherings for people of slender means. We are on a collective journey of discovery and we welcome you to join us.