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A Year of Transition – WVC Gatherings in 2017

As this year may present many challenges for our communities and our nation, we have decided to refocus our efforts to make our voices heard by holding a series of events in 2017 that reflect requests from you, our members. While we will not be hosting a Women’s Congress this year, we will be hosting a series of events in Northern California which will be opportunities for you to speak out on issues you care about, connect with community and receive support for your projects, and evolve the world of ideas that we have set in motion since our first gatherings over a decade ago.

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WVC Mourns the Oakland Fire  

The Women's Visionary Congress is based in the San Francisco Bay area and our members our among the community of artists who make our culture so vibrant. We mourn the loss of those who died in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, California on December 2nd and...

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We Remember and Honor Kai Wingo: Mushroom Farmer, Activist and Friend

The Women’s Visionary Congress acknowledges with great sadness the passing of Kai Wingo, urban mushroom farmer, activist, and ambassador of the mushroom medicine. Kai started her Buckeye Mushroom Farm and her Kultured Mushrom community project in the Buckeye neighborhood of Cleveland in the fall of 2013 and sold her mushrooms at farmers markets around the city. She hosted workshops in mushroom cultivation and was an enthusiastic advocate for the power of mushrooms to help us create a healthier, more sustainable culture. We first met Kai when she received a scholarship to attend the 2015 Women’s Visionary Congress in Petaluma. We were impressed by her clear, deep wisdom of mushroom medicine of all kinds, her devotion to working with entheogens (no small thing in Ohio) and her gift for connecting people and communities.

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